Professional development

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Wendy Sharpe Professional Development Workshop
Wednesday 2 August, 4-6pm, $12 (includes light refreshments), limited numbers

Renowned artist Wendy Sharpe will lead a workshop relating to her exhibition WANDERLUST. She will give a floor talk discussing her work methods and share her inspiring skills and creativity in a works-on-paper workshop where participants will make work telling a story about a particular place. Enjoy a complimentary viewing of exhibitions featuring Constance Stokes, Wendy Sharpe and Minna Gilligan.

Materials List: Bring at least 2 photos you have taken yourself - actual photos or digital on a device. It must be a place you have been to recently. It can be overseas or somewhere near you. Choose a place which has some meaning for you or which sparks specific memories. These memories can be of something significant or something minor like 'I remember eating chocolate ice-cream there'. Bring drawing materials of your choice, including colour. Bring an apron or something to cover your clothes. You might also like to bring a note book/ small sketchbook as well.

Supplied: coloured pencils, erasers, sharpeners, newsprint, A3 cartridge paper and A3 watercolour paper.


Minna Gilligan Professional Development Workshop

Wednesday 30 August, 4-6pm, $12 (includes light refreshments), limited numbers 
Contemporary multidisciplinary artist Minna Gilligan will  conduct a walk-through of her works on exhibition, discuss her work and career and inspire you with a workshop giving collage a whole new spin! The workshop will detail the importance of collage as an accessible medium for young people to create narratives, using composition components to explore the nuances of communicating with collage.  Enjoy a complimentary viewing of exhibitions featuring Constance Stokes, Wendy Sharpe and Minna Gilligan.

Participants will begin by making their own painted 'setting' or background for the collage to exist amongst. Minna will talk about how collage can be extended as a medium by using paint or texta that are more fluid and offer more of a personal intersection. Participants will then select and curate found images and transfer them onto their background, working on composition. All materials supplied. Participants welcome to BYO retro-themed images.


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