Tara Gilbee: The strangest pulse

Until 1 November 2020

MPRG presents a special online exhibition featuring new photographic based work by Tara Gilbee.

Tara was an artist in residence at the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Police Point Artist in Residency program in 2018 and 2019. Using solargraphic and pinhole techniques, these powerful and haunting images capture a unique and other worldly perspective of Point Nepean.   

This solagraphic series tells the story of the Old Quarantine site at Point Nepean in Victoria through use of arcane recording devises. Forming part of a larger creative investigation undertaken to explore some of its layered histories.  

The longitudinal and immersive nature of this work required the artist to take up residence on the site throughout 2018 and 2019.  

The devices used gave way to pinhole light recordings whereby the solagraphic record is imbued with the marks of the sun rising and falling (note the sun stripes within the images). The photographic material also registers its own weathering and records the textured surfacing of the elements from its duration at site. The works look to create a unique registration that can reflect the ephemeral elements within the site, dismantling notions of the representative landscape and delving more into temporal ideas of contained time and surface tracing.

Recently Tara was involved in an online exhibition Traces Unseen, curated by Aimee Board and presented by PhotoAccess, Canberra. Aimee and Tara produced an illuminating in conversation which you can read by clicking here


Tara Gilbee received a BFA in Sculpture at The University of Melbourne VCA in 1996 and completed a Masters of Contemporary Art at VCA in 2019. Tara has a multidisciplinary approach to art making and has worked in collaboration with a range of practitioners from video, sound and live arts. Her arts practice moves between individual studio work to the exploration of interesting sites and context for making and presenting work, with a focus on the interstices of site and practice. In her individual works she often engages in the underlying psychology that has a dark beauty and entrancing phenomena. 

Tara has a keen sense of experimentation within her methods of art practice, drawing on her medical and scientific understanding she applies a range of approaches and knowledge systems. She has conducted arts education through various organisations and worked as a sessional lecturer at Deakin University for three years. Her practice has been recognised with a number of artist grants and she has been shortlisted for art awards such as The Rick Amor drawing prize, Josephine Ulrick Photographic Prize and Olive Cotton Award. Tara has attended residencies nationally and internationally and is represented in public and private collections.

Pinhole artworks

Solagraph artworks



Listen to MPRG Artistic Director / Senior Curator Danny Lacy speak with Tara about her time at the Police Point residency.