Matthew Clarke: Wallabies Republic

Matthew Clarke Wallabies Republic

24 February - 30 April 

Wallabies Republic is Clarke’s second largest painting ever. It follows a long line of paintings of wallabies. Clarke came up with the theme of the Wallabies Republic early in 2016. The themes have been running around in his head ever since the first thought. Clarke often runs squares along the tops of his paintings with logos and symbols in them. In this painting the stars in the blue rectangles represent the republic for the wallabies. The large painting contrasts with a series of linocuts Clarke has been producing. The size of the linocuts and the limited colour range are a contrast to ‘The Wallabies Republic’ but his long running themes of environmentalism with wind farms and wallabies over layered personalities continue.

Matthew Clarke was born in 1986. He is an artist who lives in Kirkstall, a small wooded hamlet, in South West Victoria. He has a disability but doesn’t believe it impairs his ability to paint vibrant passionate paintings. He started studying Art at South West TAFE in 2005. 12 years later he is still painting, still passionate and obsessive and he is equally excited about his current projects. He is proud to be represented by Mossenson Galleries in Perth.

Matthew Clarke
Wallabies Republic 2016
Acrylic on linen
Courtesy of the artist and Mossenson Galleries, Perth