Critical & Creative Thinking program

students at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

MPRG Education welcomes the opportunity to design programs to cater to your specific curriculum needs both here at the Gallery and in your classroom.

These programs are available during our exhibitions (28 September - 26 November):

2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize
Character Traits: Portraits from the MPRG Collection
Tom Polo: (These Things) Tell Me More About You Gallery

Session F-12
Students observe the many different styles of traditional and contemporary photographic, painted and drawn portraiture on exhibition. Considering different times and contexts, students explore how artists create meaning using composition, light, viewpoint, contrast, focus and texture.

Workshop F-12
Who Do You Think You Are? Students map out the inner workings of their brain to reveal the things that are important to them. In this fun and thought-provoking workshop, students use their creativity and sense of humour to explore portraiture beyond the surface of appearance.

Bookings via email:

These programs are available during all exhibitions:

Peek Ponder and Play F - 10 Students engage in playful activities as they explore the current exhibition. Working in teams they use lateral thinking and problem-solving to resolve challenges and respond creatively to the artworks. This fun program is designed to foster familiarity with looking at art and being in a gallery. Workshop: Responding to the works on display, students create their own expressive artwork.

What’s the Story? F - 8 Students explore artworks that tell stories as they develop skills observing, thinking and sharing ideas. Workshop: Students develop their visual expressive skills as they make aesthetic decisions to tell their own story in their artwork.

Fancy Feelings! F - 4 Students develop emotional literacy as they identify and talk about feelings expressed in art. Workshop: Students explore the use of art elements to communicate emotions in their own Passion Portrait.

Creative Writing 4 - 12 Students respond to artworks with creative word play and paint colourful pictures with wonderful words!

Explore & Express 7 - 12 Students explore artworks to interpret, identify and describe key features from a variety of times, places and cultures. They use art language to describe, discuss and compare the communication of ideas, meanings and messages. Workshop: Responding to the works on display, students create their own expressive artwork.

Students develop their use of appropriate terminology as they compare and discuss artworks using the analytical frameworks.


Learning in the Gallery with the MPRG Educator: $5/student (1 hour)
Learning in the Gallery and workshop with the MPRG Educator: $7.50/student (2 hours) 
Learning in schools with the  MPRG Educator: $5/student (minimum numbers apply)
Special programs and sessions costed on an individual basis
Independent Gallery learning: $2/student
Disadvantaged schools negotiated on an individual basis
Educator Previews: free
Professional Learning: free, unless indicated otherwise 

School holiday programs

Visit the events section of the website to find out about upcoming school holiday programs for primary and secondary school students, including VCE Art & Studio Arts folio development workshops:

3-day Folio Development Workshop: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Monday 22 January - Wednesday 24 January 2018
10am-2pm, $25 per student
Start the school year with your visual diary brimming with possibilities! Respond to the diversity of artwork on display at MPRG, gather ideas and inspiration and learn to incorporate new ideas into your own thinking. Experiment with other artists' use of materials and techniques and their application to your own artwork. Document and annotate the development of your creative thinking in your visual diary.
BYO visual diary and lunch, all other materials supplied.
Venue: Monday 22 January – MPRG, Civic Reserve Dunns Road Mornington. Ph 5950 1580
Tuesday 23 January - Wednesday 24 January – The Corner Youth Centre, 91 Wilsons Rd Mornington. Ph 5975 3114
Bookings essential Phone 5950 1580 or book online at