Slow Art Collective: Archi-loom


12 March — 14 April 2022

Slow Art Collective (Chaco Kato and Dylan Martorell) are an artistic collective that focus on creative practices and ethics relating to environmental sustainability, material ethics, DIY culture and collaboration. Interested in process-driven practices where the focus is on the act of making, collaboration is intrinsic to all facets of their work.

Archi-loom is a large three-dimensional, interactive installation built by the Slow Art Collective in collaboration with audiences. After constructing the frame utilising re-purposed materials including bamboo, recycled rope and fabric, Slow Art Collective have invited participants to add weavings into the loom's walls. The colourful, continuously evolving work facilitates a space that encourages play, craft and discovery.

On display at MPRG until 14 April, audiences are invited to add weavings to the  Archi-Loom weaving project, joining the art-marking process. 


 MPRG - Long Weekend-65.jpg


Images courtesy of Mick Russell © of the artist