Slow Flower Pavilion

slow art workshops.jpg

This winter MPRG is thrilled to facilitate Slow Flower Pavilion, a partnership between The Slow Art Collective and our neighbours, the Mornington Botanical Rose Garden.

Slow Art Collective is an artistic collective that focuses on creative practices and ethics relating to environmental sustainability, material ethics, DIY culture and collaboration. Helmed by Chaco Kato and Dylan Martorell, Slow Art Collective is interested in process-driven practices where the focus is on the act of making. ‘Slow art’ is about slow exchanges of value rather than the fast, monetary exchange of value. It is about the slow absorption of culture through community links by creating something together and blurring the boundary between the artists and viewer.

Collaboration is intrinsic to all facets of their work. Since 2009 Slow Art Collective have undertaken a range of projects that use the process of collecting to address the crossovers between artistic practice, creative sustainability and individual responsibility. Recent commissioned projects include Powerhouse Museum, Mpavillion, MelbourneNow @NGV, Castlemaine state festival and Tarrawarra.

For this project, the Slow Art Collective will be utilising rose cuttings from the Mornington Botanical Rose Garden. Pruned back at the end of a vibrant season, these flowers would typically be discarded.  This year Slow Art Collective will be harvesting the roses to present a series of sensory flower-based workshops, exploring the artistic potential of roses and other plants as a medium. Workshops will explore the Tataki Zume method where the dyes of various plants are transferred to paper or fabric using a hammer pounding method.

 For upcoming school holiday workshops see here.