Professional development

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Early Years Educators Professional Development art-making workshop
Tuesday 25 June, 12pm-3pm
Join Jill Anderson, MPRG artist/educator for an inspiring workshop looking at nurturing young children’s creativity. Jill has run Young at Art, a successful weekly under 5’s program at MPRG for many years, using diverse artworks as starting points for open-ended creative play with simple materials. Bring along your favourite picture books and learn to use the illustrations to fire your students' imaginations!
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Visual Literacy teaching tool kit
Monday 29 July, 9am-3.30pm
Working with facilitator Carly Grace, this interactive workshop will include guided visual literacy activities exploring contemporary artworks by Brendan Huntley and Lisa Walker. The day will include tools for unpacking the Ethical Capability of the Victorian Curriculum through the use of Visual Thinking Strategies. VTS helps our students to explore works of art in a way that allows them to connect their own experiences and knowledge. The ensuing discussions are meaningful because students participate directly in the process of interpretation and feel connected with works of art and the ideas that they embody.
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MPRG Education welcomes the opportunity to facilitate professional development opportunities to meet your needs. Please contact Jill Anderson,