Tai Snaith – A World of One’s Own

Tai Snaith and Lisa Waup_ for A World Of One's Own at MPRG_ 2020_ by Theresa Harrison_ low res.jpg

A podcast series and exhibition
6 March – 23 May 2021

Tai Snaith, Elizabeth Gower, Katherine Hattam, Deborah Kelly, Lily Mae Martin, Fiona McMonagle, Sally Smart and Lisa Waup.

With a nod to Virginia Woolf’s iconic 1929 essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’, artist Tai Snaith has conducted a series of podcast conversations with female-identifying artists whom she admires. In this third series Snaith presents relaxed, colloquial exchanges with artists selected from the MPRG works on paper collection.

Snaith explores shifts and similarities that artists face in their lives and artistic practices and attempts to break down the how and why of making art. They look at physical processes and how they relate to not only outcomes, but also unconscious, emotional or non-visual parallels and needs.

These conversations will be launched alongside an exhibition featuring MPRG collection works by these artists, alongside additional works from the collection by Sally Smart and Katherine Hattam, who Snaith has previously interviewed. The exhibition also includes a new artwork on paper made by Snaith, inspired by learnings from these discussions.

A World of One’s Own is an ongoing document which began in 2017 at ACCA and has had further iterations and exhibitions at Sarah Scout Presents in October 2018 and The Art Gallery Of Ballarat in 2019.
Audio producer: Camilla Hannan

Photograph of Tai Snaith and Lisa Waup by Theresa Harrison