2022 NWOP submissions

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Up to $60,000 acquisitions and awards

Entries close: 11.59pm, Friday 8 April 2022

Finalists announced: Tuesday 3 May 2022

Exhibition dates:13 August to 27 November

The 2022 National Works on Paper (NWOP) is one of Australia’s most prestigious acquisitive awards. A biennial exhibition, its role is to support and promote contemporary Australian artists working on or with paper.

Read more about the National Works on Paper here - including past catalogues.



Works may be executed in any medium on or with paper from the beginning of 2020. The paper must act as the main two or three-dimensional support of the work. The final decision regarding eligibility of works resides with the MPRG. 


NWOP is open to Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.


Up to $60,000 acquisitions and awards, including the $20,000 major acquisitive award.

Works that are selected for acquisition will be purchased at the artist’s nominated price if the amount does not exceed current market value.


Framed works will be displayed using D-rings. No other hanging devices are to be attached to the works. Unframed works will be displayed using pins or magnetic ‘pins’. Artists should supply instructions with their work where appropriate.

There is no size restrictions for entry, but please note that display wall height is 3.8 metres.

Shortlisted works must be available for continuous display from13 August to 27 November 2022.

Please note that substitutes for works selected for exhibition will not be displayed and are ineligible for acquisition.

MPRG reserves the right to withdraw shortlisted works if deemed unsuitable for display.


The MPRG will cover freight costs for shortlisted artists - to MPRG and return the work to the artists. It is the responsibility of the shortlisted artist to organise insurance, packing and transport of their work to and from any depots and ensure their work reaches the MPRG by 6 August 2022. MPRG will supply detailed instructions regarding the various options for transporting works to MPRG upon shortlisting.

All works must be in sound condition upon arrival. Due care will be taken whilst the works are at MPRG and in transit. No responsibility will be taken by the MPRG for any loss or damage.


Artists can only submit one work. An entry will consist of:

  • a completed entry form
  • supporting material: digital image, artist’s statement, CV
  • $30 non-refundable administration fee



Please submit one high res publication-quality image.

The image must represent the work in its entirety and convey the manner in which the work is to be displayed.

Digital image must be submitted in high res JPEG format, 300dpi 2-3MB (If selected, the image will be reproduced at approx A5 size in the exhibition catalogue)

JPEG file must be titled in order of last name, first name and title of work.

i.e.  smart_jeffrey_selfportrait.jpg

* If you are submitting a film, please upload a still image in your online entry, then upload the film file to Dropbox, copy link and send to nwop@mornpen.vic.gov.au. Ensure your film file is saved as per naming convention above.

Artist’s statement:

In 150 words or less artists should address the ideas, themes or concepts investigated in their practice and how this relates to the work submitted.

Statements to be submitted as a PDF or Word doc formatted in 12 point Arial.

Artist statements should be saved in the same format as image: last name, first name and title of work

i.e.  smart_jeffrey_artist statement

Please note selected artist statements will be published in the exhibition catalogue and MPRG has the right to edit statements as deemed necessary.

Brief CV:

Artists should submit a maximum 2-page CV highlighting  key  professional achievements.

CV to be submitted as a PDF or Word doc formatted in 12 point Arial.

CV should be saved in the same format as image: artist last name_first name_cv

i.e. smart_jeffrey_cv

All entries must be submitted online. No hard copy entries will be accepted.

All images and Word documents must be titled in the following format:

artist last name_first name_title of document:

smart_jeffrey_artist statement


smart_jeffrey_self portrait

(Please do not use any other symbols in your file name such as commas or ampersands as files may not be processed correctly.)


$30 (inc. GST). Only one work may be entered per artist and only entries with online payment will be accepted.

The fee is non-refundable.

Entries must be received by Friday 8 April 2022.



The judging panel for the 2022 National Works on Paper is:

  • Clothilde Bullen, Head of Indigenous Programs and Initiatives and Curator of Indigenous Art, AGWA

  • Max Delany, Artistic Director and CEO, ACCA

  • Jenna Lee, NWOP finalist 2020, Board of Directors, Craft Victoria

  • Danny Lacy, Senior Curator/Artistic Director, MPRG 

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Acquisitions will be announced at the official opening of the exhibition. The winner of the Major Acquisitive Award receives $20,000 (which includes the purchase price).


Please try to submit your entry online well before the final date. Users have experienced some delays with uploading their material in high-use periods. Please be patient while your files are uploading, this may take a few minutes.


  • Entries close: 11.59pm, Friday 8 April 2022

  • Finalists announced: Tuesday 3 May 2022

  • Exhibition dates:13 August to 27 November

  • Official opening and announcement of award and acquisitions: TBC


* A $30 payment receipt will be sent to your email and this is acknowledgement that your submission has been received.

If you have any queries about your entry, please email nwop@mornpen.vic.gov.au





What should I put in my artist statement and CV?

It’s not always easy writing about your own work, but the artist statement is the best place to describe the conceptual ideas behind your work, and how you’ve made the work to realise those ideas.

If you include a brief bio at the top of your CV, then you don’t need to introduce your practice in your artist statement. You can use the allocated word limit (150 words) to speak directly about the actual work you are submitting. \

What is a work on paper?

We are looking for works that highlight the importance of paper as a medium.

We enjoy seeing works where paper is not just a background. Paper becomes the space that is intrinsic to how the work is read.

What is the size limit?

There is no size limit! We’ve exhibited works that are 5 x 5 cm’s and works that are 20 metres long.

What about a diptych or triptych etc?

You can enter a diptych, a triptych, or a quadriptych. Basically your work can have many parts to it, as long as it’s all part of the same work.

Photographing three-dimensional artworks

We encourage artists who work across all artforms in the medium of paper to submit an entry! We know it can be a challenge to photograph a sculptural work or an artist book ‘in its entirety’. Whether you photograph the work yourself or engage a professional photographer, we encourage artists to think about how they might capture the best image of their work.

For sculptural works, attention to adequate lighting can help to convey the three-dimensionality of a work, drawing attention to shape and texture without the need for multiple images from different angles.

An artist book may be photographed open, displaying a page that best represents the content, or you might think about how multiple pages could be captured in the image, even if it is just a glimpse of several pages, this also helps to convey the three-dimensionality of the book. Concertina artist books can be photographed open to display multiple pages at once.

Submit your entry documents in the requested file formats

We know many creatives love to use Apple products, however here at the Mornington Peninsula Shire we use PCs! This is a friendly reminder for Mac users to please convert your Pages document into a PDF before submitting your entry via our online form, so that we can open it.  Unfortunately we can’t open Pages documents, just word (doc or docx) or PDF. This will save time in us having to contact you to source the correct file. 

Digital images must be submitted in high res JPEG format, 300dpi 2-3MB

Need more help?

Direct all enquiries to our special NWOP email address, and we will respond to you in a friendly and timely manner. nwop@mornpen.vic.gov.au