2022 National Works on Paper

nwop logo.png

 An MPRG exhibition
13 August to 27 November 2022

The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s National Works on Paper (NWOP) was established in 1998 and incorporated the former Spring Festival of Drawing and the Prints Acquisitive which began in 1973. 

NWOP supports and promotes contemporary Australian artists working on or with paper. This diverse exhibition provides a survey of what’s happening in contemporary art across Australia today. Traditional approaches to working with paper are explored alongside works that incorporate new technologies, pushing the boundaries of the medium and expanding our appreciation of what working with and on paper can be. 

NWOP is an award, a curated exhibition, a celebration of the materiality of paper, a showcase of the ambition and experimentation of artists, and a conduit for us to build our collection. We love presenting NWOP every two years and highlighting the amazing work that artists are making across the country.

This project is generously supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire, the Friends of MPRG and the Ursula Hoff Foundation. Thanks to our supporters for enabling NWOP to be at the forefront of Australian art prizes with a focus on paper.

full colour catalogue is available to purchase.

Winner of the $20,000 major acquisitive award Anna Hoyle for her work 1800BIOSEKURE, supported by Mornington Peninsula Shire


Winner of the $5000 Ursula Hoff Foundation Acquisitive award: emerging artist – Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu for his work Djältji Gawuṉu


Acquisitions supported by the Friends of MPRG: Teho Ropeyarn, Bridget Hillebrand, Matthew Clarke, Eunice Napanangka Jack

Acquisitions supported by the Friends of MPRG and Mornington Peninsula Shire: Yuria Okamura
Acquisitions supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire: Callum McGrath


2022 finalists:

Peter ATKINS, Graham BADARI, Elizabeth BANFIELD, Kathryn BLUMKE, Glennys BRIGGS, Deidre BROLLO, Jennifer BUNTINE, Matt BUTTERWORTH, Fiona CABASSI, Jon CAMPBELL, Susanna CASTLEDEN, Jacky CHENG, Brian CHEUNG, Matthew CLARKE, Tim COAD, Timothy COOK, Julie DAVIES, Christopher DAY, Ngilan Margaret DODD, Megan EVANS, Philip FAULKS, Emma FIELDEN, Robert FIELDING, Nigel FITTON, Todd FULLER, Gloria GAVENOR, Julia GORMAN, Kate GORRINGE-SMITH, Mandy GUNN, Marie HAGERTY, Amber HAMMAD, Euan HENG, Bridget HILLEBRAND, Anna HOYLE, Alana HUNT, Eliza HUTCHISON, Eunice Napanangka JACK, Lisa JONES, Locust JONES, Matthew JONES, Col JORDAN, David KEATING, Nicholas MANGAN, Brian MARTIN, AHC McDONALD, Callum McGRATH, Rob McLEISH, Jennifer MILLS, Ray MONDE, Kent MORRIS, Dhambit MUNUŊGURR, Gavin NAMARNYILK, Glen NAMUNDJA, Mitjili NAPURRULA, Yuria OKAMURA, Tom POLO, Jasmine POOLE and Chris SEWELL, Lucienne RICKARD, Brian ROBINSON, Teho ROPEYARN, Sangeeta SANDRASEGAR, Theo STRASSER, Marina STROCCHI, Cyrus TANG, Sherna TEPERSON, Cheryl THORNTON, Columbiere TIPUNGWUTI, Justine VARGA, Lisa WAUP, Kim WESTCOTT, Paul WHITE, Laura WILLIAMS, Joel WOLTER, Pedro WONAEAMIRRI, Michelle Woody MINNAPINNI, Tiger YALTANGKI, Belinda YEE, Gutiŋarra YUNUPIŊU

2022 Judges: Clothilde Bullen, Head of Indigenous Programs/Curator, Art Gallery of Western Australia; Max Delany, Artistic Director and CEO, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; Jenna Lee, artist, NWOP finalist 2020 and Danny Lacy, Director Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.