Collection+ Judith Alexandrovics / Julian Opie


Curated by Angie Taylor

10 December 2022 – 19 February 2023

The third iteration of the Collection+ exhibition series, pairs the work of internationally renowned British artist Julian Opie with the work of late Melbourne artist Judith Alexandrovics.

Julian Opie is a contemporary London based artist whose instantly recognisable work often depicts figures and landscapes reduced to their essential outlines and flat colours fields. Yet within the uniformity of his linear figures, their unique style and movement is captured in the simplification process.   

Judith Alexandrovics is a Melbourne artist whose work is represented in the MPRG collection and whose oeuvre spans the decades since the early 1970s until 2019, the year prior to her passing. The exhibition will showcase her detailed etchings and aquatints, as well a selection of her larger paintings, which are often the result of her etching studies. Many of the etchings on display have been posthumously reprinted from the original plates, with the permission of Judith’s family, by Trent Walter at Negative Press.

By drawing together this unlikely combination, we can see common threads throughout their work, both artists have observed and thoughtfully documented people in the landscape, particularly groups of people in the urban environment, the main thematic focus for this exhibition.


Image credit: Judith Alexandrovics, People are Individuals 1975 (detail), aquatint on cardboard, Gift of the artist 1977.