Collection+ Louise Rippert / Steve Carr


Curated by Ainsley Gowing, MPRG Registrar
26 March to 31 July 2022

For the second iteration of Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s (MPRG) ambitious new Collection+ series we bring together new and existing work by Melbourne based artist Louise Rippert alongside dynamic New Zealand contemporary artist Steve Carr.

Carr’s large ‘Smoke bubble’ photographs from the NGV collection were one of the initial inspirations to pairing these artists, which has been carefully developed by MPRG Registrar Ainsley Gowing. This exhibition looks at some of the unifying themes in Rippert and Carr’s work – time, repetition, stillness and tension, circular references and mandalas, structure behind simplicity, memories and family. Bringing the work of Rippert and Carr together creates a visually stunning show that highlights these linkages while presenting their distinct individual practices.

Louise Rippert, Glow, 2020-21 (detail), tissue paper, thread, paint, gold. Courtesy and © of the artist

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