Lauren Guymer – Among the Trees

Four Trees.jpg

MPRG local focus
6 March – 23 May 2021           

Among The Trees is a collection of new watercolour paintings inspired by Guymer’s encounters in the Australian landscape.

Formed by her deep appreciation and connection to nature, these works are a visual representation of her experiences and the places she visits. Located just beyond her backyard on the Mornington Peninsula, the majority of these paintings depict the surrounding bushland, from trails winding through the native scrub to woodland along the coast. 

Spending endless hours observing and traversing among the trees, she intuitively explores the beauty, freedom, and refuge that nature provides. Using immense layers of detail, colour, and light, Guymer builds her peaceful places from memory. Embracing the fluidity and immediacy of watercolour, she paints large gestural movements across the paper before meticulously placing each mark into the landscape one brushstroke at a time.


Lauren Guymer: Artist talk
Saturday 13 March, 2pm
Join MPRG Artistic Director / Senior Curator Danny Lacy for a discussion with Lauren Guymer about how she captures the beauty and mystery of nature in watercolour and ink. 

Lauren Guymer, Four Trees, 2020 (detail). Courtesy and © of the artist