Line of enquiry

POUND Patrick_Portrait of the wind 2011_2012.05.jpg

An MPRG exhibition

21 September – 18 November

Line of enquiry includes artists who explore social and political issues through historic sources; from a contemporary take on Colonial Australia by Danie Mellor, Sally Smart and Rew Hanks to a postmodernist approach, referencing art history alongside their own cultural histories by Juan Davila and Brian Robinson.

The exhibition includes works referencing varied sciences; Martin Howard Boscott’s examination of colour dispersion; Trinh Vu’s investigation of technological change and its impact; and animal behavioural research informs the work of artists Lisa Roet, Jazmina Cininas and Deborah Williams.

The artists’ curiosity, search for knowledge and new perspectives have added new layers of meaning to established understandings of history and sciences. Their works of art illustrate different points of view, inviting more questions and providing avenues for new lines of enquiry.

Artists: Marion BORGELT; Martin BOSCOTT; Lyndell BROWN & Charles GREEN; Jazmina CININAS; Juan DAVILA; eX de MEDICI; Stephen EASTAUGH; Mike GREEN; Robert HAGUE; Rew HANKS; Andrew HAZEWINKEL; Deborah KELLY; Danie MELLOR; Patrick POUND; Brian ROBINSON; Lisa ROET; John RYRIE; Bernhard SACHS; Heather SHIMMEN; Sally SMART; Trinh VU; Deborah WILLIAMS; Pedro WONAEAMIRRI. 

Image: Patrick Pound, Portrait of the wind 2011 (detail), Gicilee digital print on rag paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery Collection, Acquired from National Works on Paper by Friends of the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, 2012