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MPRG is excited to launch a new online platform MPRG TV, where you can watch exclusive content relating to our exhibition program from the comfort of home. Visit this page at the date and time listed to watch a live stream of the event.


Saturday 31 October, 11am–11.40am

Join this free online workshop with artist Rosie Weiss to explore the watercolour and ink methods she uses to make her works on paper. Rosie will discuss paper supports, different types of watercolours, inks and brushes, her use of water as a resist and blending medium, and ways to integrate other drawing materials. You might like to work with collected organic forms from your garden, an idea you’ve been playing with, or an abstract image. Suitable for all abilities.

You can use your own materials for this workshop or purchase an MPRG Watercolour and Ink Art Box for $55 (includes postage) via the MPRG online shop that includes:

6 sheets of 300gsm A4 paper (hot and cold pressed)
2 brushes (round and square ends)
watercolour disc
2 x 50mls containers of ink (one black and one colour)
1 x coloured watercolour pencil


Artistic Director/Senior Curator Danny Lacy talks to significant artists from around the nation who are represented in the MPRG Collection.

Thursday 1 October, 7.30pm–8pm
Vera Möller

Vera Möller migrated from West Germany to Australia in 1986 and now lives in Flinders. Vera has a close connection to the environment surrounding her, inventing quirky, disturbing and poetic specimens that hover between nature and human artifice. Discover more about Vera’s collages morphofolia 2018 that are inspired by the unique marine ecology of Western Port Bay.

Thursday 15 October, 7.30pm–8pm
Locust Jones

Locust Jones’ creative process centres on a method of randomly selecting and re-interpreting imagery and text from newspaper clippings, the internet, television and radio. Learn more about Locust’s unique practice and his work Geronimo 2011. Locust will be joining us from his studio in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Thursday 29 October, 7.30pm–8pm
Robyn Sweaney

During a month-long residency at the Police Point AiR in 2019, Robyn captured Rosebud’s post-war suburbia with her painting Between two worlds. Hear more about Robyn’s practice from her studio in Mullumbimby on the north coast of New South Wales.

Thursday 5 November, 7.30pm–8pm
Mike Green

Mike Green was born in New Zealand in 1941 and arrived in Australia in 1945. From 1966 to 1974 he lived and worked in Canada and the USA, returning to live in Australia in 1974. One of the leading artists of his generation, Mike is represented in the MPRG’s permanent collection as well as in major galleries across Australia.


Thursday 8 October, 6pm

Moderated by Jan van Schaik and hosted by Danny Lacy, Artistic Director / Senior Curator – MPRG

WRITING & CONCEPTS is a lecture and publication series exploring the insights that visual arts practitioners have in to their own creative and cultural practices, and provides an opportunity for them to discuss and publish these insights in a public forum. Contributors include practitioners for whom the written form is their primary professional output or whose work manifests as exhibitions or events within the domain of contemporary art. 

Benjamin Sheppard is a multi-disciplinary Melbourne based artist and academic, currently completing a PhD at RMIT. He has exhibited both locally and internationally and whilst his practice is based on contemporary drawing, his work is very much about experimentation with line. His drawings contrast fine rendering with haphazard marks while his sculptural ‘drawings’ extend line into three dimensions. He is the founding member of Ways and Means, an experimental collaborative drawing project and is the instigator of The Bureau for the Organisation of Origins project - which is shortlisted in the Incinerator Art award 2020.

WRITING & CONCEPTS is produced by Future Tense and moderated by Jan van Schaik and Fjorn Butler, and supported by each of the host venues, MvS Architects and RMIT’s School of Art and School of Architecture & Urban Design, Melbourne University and ART + AUSTRALIA

Thursday 12 November, 7.30pm–8.10pm

Join Susan McCulloch OAM, curator, writer and daughter of MPRG’s founding Director Alan McCulloch and key gallery associates Rene White and Ken Parker as they take a nostalgic look at the origins of the Gallery. Hear tales from the early years, such as the time Alan McCulloch recruited Fred Williams to assist him nail down the gallery roof which had come adrift in a windstorm while guests gathered for the opening of his exhibition. Or the time Arthur Boyd loaded the significant suite of 30 Lysistrata etchings and oil paintings Lovers in a boat at Hastings and Merric Boyd Drawing at Rye into Alan’s VW Golf for a triumphant return trip to the Peninsula from Bundanon in New South Wales. This was a time when art lovers, artists and philanthropists got together to literally build a gallery and began collecting works from Australia’s most well-known artists.


MPRG: FIFTY exhibition preview
A special preview of our golden anniversary exhibition MPRG: FIFTY. The preview features a walkthrough of MPRG: FIFTY and the new collection rooms with Artistic Director/Senior Curator Danny Lacy and an excerpt of the Peninsula Chamber Musicians performing Mozart’s Flute Quartet in D-Major in the Gallery recorded prior to the lockdown.  


Artistic Director/Senior Curator Danny Lacy talks to significant artists from around the globe who are represented in the MPRG Collection. 

Raymond Arnold
A renowned Australian printmaker, Raymond grew up in Bonbeach and now resides in Queenstown in Tasmania. His etching Elsewhere World – Expanded Field Panorama 2017 was purchased by the Friends of MPRG from the 2018 National Works on Paper and features on the cover of the collection publication. Discover more about this monumental etching and why Raymond is pleased it has found a home in the MPRG Collection.


Euan Macleod
Euan Macleod won the 1999 Archibald Prize for his work Self portrait/head like a hole. For over forty years, Euan has captured the presence imbued within the landscape and has been represented in numerous MPRG-curated group exhibitions including Coast in 2017. In 2016, Euan undertook a residency at the Gatekeepers Cottage, Police Point Shire Park, and was drawn to the wild side of the coast. The lone, anonymous figure is a common symbol in his paintings and Euan often investigates the internal landscape with his works. 


Jess Johnson
Jess is a New York-based contemporary artist who works in drawing, installation, animation and virtual reality. Her drawings depict alternative realms while her collaborations with VR animators adapt these worlds into video animations and virtual reality. In 2014, Jess was the winner of major acquisitive award in MPRG’s National Works on Paper with Mysteria Mystica Maxim. Jess will be joining us from New York.


Cameron Robbins
Cameron Robbins is a leading Australian artist based in Castlemaine, Victoria. His work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements. Cameron engineers and constructs mechanical devices that harness and translate these elements into visual compositions. Find out more about his residency at Police Point and how he translates mark making using wind machines, box kites and fermented wine. In 2018 he created a site-specific wind drawing as part of a public program for the National Works on Paper that he later donated to the MRPG Collection. Discover more about Cameron’s unique and fascinating practice.


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